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Getting into a car accident can be a jarring, terrifying, and frustrating experience. From pretty mild to very severe, there are things you absolutely must do after an accident. Here’s our list.

Be Safe

First things first: Safety. If you’re able, pull over to the side of the road. Put on your four-ways. Check on the passengers in your car, and then the passengers in the other car. Don’t move anybody who may be injured - call emergency personnel immediately instead.

content2.jpgCollect Information

There are many, many pieces of information you need from a car accident. First, get the name, address, telephone number, and driver’s licence of any other parties involved in the accident. You should get their insurance company information (company name and policy number) as well.

If the driver is different than the registered owner of the vehicle, get the insurance information for each vehicle.


Take photos of your vehicle and any damaged property around the accident. Road conditions could also be helpful if they were a factor in the accident - think ice or very wet weather. A photo is about as accurate as they come - it might really come in handy.

Important Phone Calls

Call your insurance company right away. They can get your claim started and can assist you with any additional, non-emergency questions you may have. We get phone calls immediately after accidents pretty often - our phone operators are experienced and there to help you.

Also, call the police if someone was injured or if there’s a possibility of a liability dispute. You may want to ask for the name and badge numbers of any police officers who come to the scene.

Things to Avoid

Never leave the scene of an accident. While possibly paying for someone else’s repairs may be a pain, a criminal record is much, much worse.

content1.jpgDon’t accept any direct offers of payment of damage from another driver. It may seem advantageous, but if you’re not at fault the accident won’t affect your driving record or deductible. It’s best to go through the right channels.

Sometimes, insurance companies have preferred (read: guaranteed) repair facilities. If you get your vehicle fixed without first clearing it with your insurance, you might be in store for shoddy or overpriced work. Working with your insurance company can ensure you get the best quality of work possible.

Do not sign any documents other than the police report. It doesn’t matter how official it looks - you do not have to.


Don’t sweat. No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been driving, a car accident can leave you completely shaken up. Try to stay calm, and don’t beat yourself up. Self-care, and your mental wellbeing, are just as important as your physical health.

Also keep track of any medical expenses you may incur. While in Canada this may not be an issue (our poor southern friends don’t have the same luxury), your health care system or medical insurance provider may not cover things like physical therapy or even time taken off work. Document any losses.

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