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Automobile Insurance

We are committed to providing our customers with the best insurance value with excellent service. When providing insurance quotes for your automobile, it is important for us to understand the details around you and your vehicle so we can provide an insurance policy from the most suited underwriter at the most competitive price. We provide continued service each year by revisiting your policy and running a cost comparison analysis to ensure it continues to remain the best policy for you. In the unfortunate event of a collision, Idris Insurance stands by your side as advocates representing your individual interest.

What Information do I need to get an Insurance Quote?

The more information we have about you and your driving record, the more accurate your quote will be. Correct information is vital.

Who will be driving the vehicle?

We need to know the names of drivers who will be driving the vehicle. You must disclose all drivers’ names. We require their licence number, number of years licensed and how often they will use the car. Since reports will be ordered to verify information, correct information is essential.

If there are licensed individuals in your household that have their own policy, let us know. We may ask for their licence number, policy number and Insurance Company.

Information about the Car

  • We require the year, make and model of your vehicle with the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number).
  • Purchase price of the vehicle - new or used.
  • Have you done any modifications to the vehicle? We need to know.
  • Is the vehicle leased or financed? If yes, we require details (e.g. Leasing Company name and address, or Financing Company name and address).

Your Coverage Requirements

How will you use the vehicle? Will it be used for pleasure, business or commuting to work?

How many kilometres will you travel one way? How many kilometres do you travel annually?

We will also ask you what kind of coverage you require (e.g. deductible amounts). Occasional Drivers under 25

Please contact our office when your occasional drivers under 25 receive their G2 licence. It is important to add any newly licensed driver onto your policy so they can start their insurance history and receive coverage under your policy.

We require the following information:


Date of Birth:

Licence number:

G1 & G2 & G – licence date:

Call Idris Insurance and let us help you get the right insurance policy for your vehicle.

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Travelers Canada

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For over 65 years our brokerage has been providing insurance solutions for our clients in York, Toronto, Peel, Halton, Durham, Simcoe and across all of Ontario.

Automobile Insurance

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